You changed my World with a blink of an eye..
that is something that i can not Deny..
you Put my soul from Worst to best..
that is why i treasure you my Dearest marites..! 

you just dont know what You have done for Me..
you even pushed me to the best that i can be..
you really are an Angel sent from above..
to take care of me and shower with love..!! 

when i am with you i will not cry even a single a tear..
and your touch have chased away all of my Fear..
you have given me a life that i could Live Worthwhile..
it is even better Everytime You smile..!!! 

it so magical those Things you have made..
to bring back my faith That Almost fade..
now my life is a Dream come true..
it all began when i was Loved by You..!!!! 

now i have found what i am looking For..
it is you and Your Love and nothing More..
cause you have given me This feeling of Contentment..
in my life something I have never Felt..!!!!!

i wish i could talk till the end of Day..
but now i am running out of Things to say..
so i will end by the Line You Already know..
“I LOVE YOU” more than what i could Show..!!!!!!

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